Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ukrainian Easter Eggs ( Pysanka) писанка

Every year as a right of Spring, my heritage seems to take over  and I get the urge to seek out more culture from my family background. Growing up, Ukrainian Easter eggs were  a favorite part of the new Spring season. You see, I am of Ukrainian descent. While Ukraine is known for many beautiful art forms such as colorful folk dance, music, and beautiful  wood carvings, nothing says Ukraine like beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs called Pysanka.

 The art of the decorated egg in Ukraine, or the pysanka, probably dates back to ancient times. No actual ancient examples exist, as eggshells are fragile.

In modern times, the art of the pysanka was carried abroad by Ukrainian emigrants to North and South America, where the custom took hold, and concurrently banished in Ukraine by the Soviet regime (as a religious practice), where it was nearly forgotten. Museum collections were destroyed both by war and by Soviet cadres. Since Ukrainian Independence in 1991, there has been a rebirth of the art in its homeland.

Any way I see it Ukrainian  Eggs bring only fond memories  back of a simpler time. I do know that the beautiful patterns and colors are embedded in me and  in my design inspirations on a daily basis. I feel blessed to have a heritage so full of artisry and  traditions .