Saturday, January 29, 2011

LACANCHE…My Lust For Cluny.. and I Don't Mean George

Like clock work , once again it is that time of year when I turn 40 (or so)  This has had me thinking about the question of the proverbial mid life crisis. I am still waiting with utter anticipation for it to begin .  If and when it does, how will it mark its  iconic trail?  Boyfriend? ( definitely not) Pondering mortality?... well maybe just little, (it is mid life you know). Spending exorbitant sums of money on luxury items? Well, not now…but, maybe  a little later.

  I admit I am a kitchen  kind of girl. My place for ultimate  creativity and happiness has no expense denied.
 My kitchen is like a spoiled child, or an over indulged girlfriend. Just when you think it has all it could possibly ever need… it wants more.

For some, midlife extravagance purchases  might be a Ferrari , or diamonds, or travel to exotic places. But, for me there is only one indulgence I am longing to have. Modest in price compared to a Ferrari… The French made, red, five burner , LACANCHE "Cluny" stove , is my wild desire. With its style and capacity,  its power to impress rivals the look of any overpriced red shiny vehicle.

"With the remarkable versatility of two efficient, fitted ovens, five burner cooktop and a host of optional features, your Cluny is equipped to grow and change with your needs. The combination of gas and electric oven, perfectly sized to minimize the dryness of convected air, aids in the preparation of moist, flavorful entrees and tender, succulent roasts" ~ LACANCHE

"Cluny" by LACANCHE

Um, are you kidding me!?  "Change with my needs"? " Tender, succulent roasts"? Wow… Music to my ears you smooth talking, Rico Suave, rock my world, where have you been all of my life, master of my culinary domain. I would gladly turn over my beloved French, Le Creuset pot for just one romp with you... "Cluny".

With all sweet talkin' ramblings aside , undoubtedly, culinary excellence is at an all time high. LACANCHE continues to out do its competitors  with innovation and style. Made in Burgundy, France by Artisans of the highest caliber, home chefs and professionals alike aspire to possess these wonderful tools of culinary bliss. ~ Nadia

 * For more detailed information on LACANCHE,
and how to purchase one of these gorgeous creatures,
please visit :

Thursday, January 27, 2011

West Elm India Block Artisans.... A Lovely Video To Share

The very talented Artisans from India who create hand made wooden blocks to print for the  duvet covers especially designed for West Elm are featured in this short video . ~ Nadia

                                                    ( Photo Source West Elm )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adding Old House Soul To New Construction

 In 2002, when my husband and I decided to have a new house constructed , neither one of us really knew what to expect.  We added what we thought were acceptable classic old house upgrades such as archways, some crown moulding, and wainscotting. What we did not realize at the time was how void of history the house would actually feel . We recognized naturally, new homes are void of history because they are waiting  for the memories  to begin. Yet, something still always felt like it was missing. So, slowly but surely, we searched, and searched, and then searched some more for perfect old house items to incorporate into our home to give it that sense of history (albeit borrowed from the history of other peoples homes).

When choosing our old house salvaged items, it was important to be selective, and have some sort of plan. Our plan stemmed from watching many, many films in which old houses were featured as part of the overall setting.  We chose to watch these films with great intensity in order to determine which architectural images gave the movie homes the most character. From this, we realized what elements of old house we wanted our home to feel like. Our plan has changed from time to time as our taste and budget has changed, but I  do believe the elements  we  have added have given old house impact.  It is also important to note that  in some cases an old house reproduction of an element  may in fact be the better choice than the original old house item. Such a choice was made by us when we chose to replace our builder grade front door with a custom designed, historically inspired, mahogany and leaded glass door. Often times wonderful old salvaged items are not energy efficient  nor can they withstand additional wear and tear from the elements. This is when the decision of old vs. reproduction  must be made. My husband and I feel a responsibility to preserve the old house items we have obtained, so we have chosen to display them in a fashion in which has little deterioration from the elements .
 How we decided where to spend our dollars so we would achieve the most bang for our buck( so they say) came from our thoughts on which room was most important to us, and which room we spent the most time in. Ultimately, we decided upon our kitchen. As important as  old house character was to us, we also wanted the kitchen to look as though it were part of an existing old house with us adding modern appliances for an updated look. Basically we have all of what we like the look of in old, mixed in with what look  we love in the new.
 Our key old house elements in our kitchen are the beaded inset custom painted maple cabinets, antique latches, vintage drawer pulls, antique seeded glass in the cabinets, and crown molding that ties all of the woodwork together.

 All in all we are extremely happy with the results of our old house items utilized  because we enjoy our old house inspired kitchen on a daily basis. My best advice to anyone who is inspired to use old house items as part of your homes design is to plan on a style you want to emulate, and build from there.

 Old house salvaged items are available from many resources including online salvage stores, Ebay, flea markets and even yard sales. Check with your contractor before adding these items to your wish list as they often need special care in installation. With a game plan in hand, you too  can  achieve old house soul in any existing, or new home...just with a little bit of "soul" searching. ~ Nadia

* All custom cabinetry designed and produced by  MasterCraft Building And Millwork Inc 

Monday, January 24, 2011

When In Rome...... Keeping It Right

 My drive to the local grocery store or my hair salon has me entranced as I pass by wonderful turn of the century homes. I cannot pass by these homes without noticing the craftsmanship and architectural detail that is unsurpassed  today only by current building materials that were not available one hundred years ago. As entranced as I am by these perfect examples of architectural principle , I am equally dismayed by the  mass quantity of new homes built today that do not follow proper aesthetic architectural guidelines.  Even if a home is structurally sound, it can  still be architecturally incorrect.

 I find  it amazing how our building practices of today are ever influenced by Greek and Roman scholars from ancient civilization. Something as simple as a porch /entry column placement has it roots in the ingenuity of its ancient builders.  Bottom line, if it was good enough for the Greeks and The Romans (whose ancient ruins are still standing) it should be good enough for us.

Here are the guidelines for changing out, or adding columns ( which are a great feature) if done right to your porch or entry. ~ Nadia

Photo Source Southern Living Magazine

Column Placement

 1. To properly position, the column body ( or shaft) should align with the outer edge of the entablature (see sketches above).

 2. Likewise, the columns capitol juts out beyond this upper structure, allowing its weight to be directly and evenly distributed on the column.

 3.The beam above the capitol of the column should be constructed so that it equals the minimum width or diameter of the column shaft. 
 ( Source Robert Martin)

 * Note *  In follow up  to a very good question,

 " What are the guidelines for choosing the correct style of columns or roof to complement the facade?".

 The answer is, the formula for column placement remains the same. The style of column, and roof line, are based upon the architectural style of the structure.

Building With History: Columns from Brent Hull on Vimeo.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Way Too Cool Not To Share

As featured in Make magazine, and Notcot. Com , one of the coolest floors I have ever seen, made from old pennies,  is located in The Standard Grill,  at  The Standard Hotel in NYC.    I guess  as the saying goes, "A penny saved is a penny"....... well, grouted( with Matrix), permanently into the floor. You get the picture, right? I do know I love this idea well enough to want to consider it somewhere in my own  house. Maybe, a powder room floor in a refinished lower  level  near a " Bar area"?  Hmm.....can you hear my wheels ticking?! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today, I Am Loving These....

I really  Like This Room
 Today, I am pondering over the great designs featured from Apartment Therapy for guest rooms that house twin beds. My secondary guest room has twin beds and needs a bit of updating.  The room was ok, when the guests( mostly my nephews) were young, but now they are almost grown. Time to find a great, more mature, design idea. Both nephews  love airplanes and travel so maybe I will jump off from there.  In the mean time, I will swoon over these.... ~ Nadia
(Photo source Apartment Therapy)

Probably Too Girlie

The Exact Layout As My Room

A Tad Girlie, But How Serene

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazing What A Bit Of Old House Soul Can Do

As featured in Preservation Nation, part of The National Trust For Historic Preservation Blog site. Here is a loving example of what  time and money can do to  transform a neglected  old Victorian house and a neglected , old house neighborhood in Akron, Ohio.  In this crazy economy , with depleted home values, time is of the essence... ~Nadia

Written by* Breanna Boulton and Sara Hobbs *
When they found the property in the heart of the neighborhood, the original one-family house had been turned into a three-family rental property with one unit per floor. The property was in foreclosure.  Our new owners squarely faced the challenge of returning the 2,800 square foot structure to its single-family configuration. Our staff helped to create a scope of work that included facilitating window repair and reconstruction throughout the house, extensive carpentry to repair or replace damaged exterior woodwork, the rebuilding of their badly deteriorated front porch, designing a historically appropriate color scheme for exterior painting, and replacing the old asphalt roof with a slate-colored dimensional shingle and new gutters and downspouts.

When the project was finished, the homeowners not only restored the home, but part of the original fabric of the neighborhood by reversing the trend of rental conversion.  They showed their neighbors that it was possible, and by doing so, they took the property from a purchase price of $42,000 to an after-rehab appraised value of $180,000 (the middle to upper end for prices on the rest of the street).On the interior, the house was fitted with new mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. Features such as the hardwood floors, baseboards, mouldings, and built-in cabinetry were repaired and refinished with sensitivity. Interior walls were selectively removed and spaces rearranged in order to reverse some of the alterations made when the property was previously converted to a multi-family.  As a result, the original dining room and sitting room were restored, the kitchen was enlarged and remodeled and a half bath was created on the first floor.

When the project was finished, the homeowners not only restored the home, but part of the original fabric of the neighborhood by reversing the trend of rental conversion.  They showed their neighbors that it was possible, and by doing so, they took the property from a purchase price of $42,000 to an after-rehab appraised value of $180,000 (the middle to upper end for prices on the rest of the street).
Our homeowners have done a superb job and we congratulate them on bringing the life back to a house that had suffered numerous unsympathetic changes.  It was our pleasure to be a part of returning this deteriorated house to its former glory as a contributing place in Akron’s cityscape.

Breanna Boulton and Sara Hobbs are Partner in the Field representatives for the Cleveland Restoration Societyand the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It Is Snowing... I Need Cookies

  I am not sure why every time it snows I feel the need to bake something. Maybe it's because on cold , snowy days as a kid,  when there was so much snow school was called off , my mother would break out all her baking gear and , well, bake. So, here is a recipe much loved in our household that is sure to please bakers, and eaters alike.  ~Nadia

 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

2 1/4 cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
teaspoon salt
2 sticks softened butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 large eggs
2 cups chopped white chocolate
1 cup chopped macadamia nuts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Cream together brown and white sugar with the vanilla and butter
Add the 2 eggs, continue mixing until eggs are incorporated
Add dry ingredients, mix until incorporated
Add white chocolate and macadamia nuts
Drop by spoonfull onto parchment papered cookie sheet
Bake for 12- 15 minutes
Do not overbake

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Lamp, Two Ways... My Divine Inspiration

  My obsession, or better yet passion, for turn of the ( 20th) century everything, goes way, way back~  Back to when I was a little girl living in Minneapolis, MN , ( my hometown). Unfortunately, I did not grow up living in a fabulous old Victorian or Colonial Revival home, but many of my close friends did. It was not because we could not afford to live in one of these wonderful homes, it was that my parents knew all too well what  was involved in upkeep and repairs of old, turn of the century, (proverbial) money pits. But, that is a whole other topic. I gained an appreciation for turn of the century houses and all that went along  with them such as art glass lighting, old mahogany woodwork, built- ins,  stained glass windows on stair landings, and even radiators because I was exposed to their beauty on a daily basis.   Bottom line , I gained my passion for the craftsmanship and feeling of history that is part of the soul of an old house. That divine feeling of old house  soul, has been with me ever since.

 My first brush with turn of the century lighting came from a sleepover at my childhood friend, May Sandbo's house. May lived in a beautifully restored English Tudor style home right on Lake of the Isles, near the Queen Anne style Victorian house from" The Mary Tyler Moore Show". May's mother was an antique dealer. The Sandbo's house had authentic Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps  scattered throughout the gorgeous home. Little did I know back then the value of these precious works of art.  Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps today can fetch up  to$ 45,000 a piece . Each lamp being bronze, handcrafted, and signed, they are the epitome of old house luxury. I too aspire to own one... or maybe two, some day.   ~ Nadia

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Would Like To Introduce Myself

 Welcome to  The Glass Tulip .  My name is Nadia Mahanor. I am 40 (or so), married, and a lover of all things design!   I also love to much so , that in my past life I was a Flight Attendant.  A guardian of my own" Crew" of  animals, I strive to be an animal advocate, before I am anything else.

   About six months ago, I decided to open a small online shop at a new venue called Ruby Plaza. Ruby Plaza is the online  sister company of the well loved  site, Ruby Lane.  The name of my  online shop is of course, The Glass Tulip.  As I have progressed from just a small online shop to an overall devotee of  design, starting my own design based blog seemed like a natural progression. I am ever inspired by movie set design and by old turn of the century homes. I tend to always mix the old with the new  because I like to make old classics  timeless and... kinda cool.

  So, this is where I find myself today.  I offer you a heart felt  Hello, and Welcome, and look forward to getting to know you.    ~ Nadia

Some Of My Favorite Glass Tulip Items